Messed up

I know the design is completely messed up.
The images I used for the layout have been deleted off tinypic, so yeah.
If I feel like it, I will fix it some time soon, but seeing as I don't write this blog anymore, and nobody reads it, I don't really see the point in putting down the time.

Outfit of the day - August 20 2012

Outfit of the day - January 26 2012

Outfit of the day - January 26 2012
I'm not back. Just Bored.

I got ... a poser?

This day has been pretty weird, I must say.
I stayed home from school, because I have a fever, so I spent a little more than just a couple of minutes on Stardoll today ... uhm.

Anyways, so it seems I've gotten my first poser/hater... I don't know how to take it, should I be happy or upset?
Her name's AmieTheJater. What's funny is that she doesn't just claim to be me, AmyTheJater, she's instead saying that I am the poser & that she is the true owner of this blog, haha, what the ...? It's not like she's really done any harm though, she's just mildly annoying and my guess is she just wants her 15 minutes of fame.

Then, my friend -Dexter, a guy with the memory of a goldfish, decides to change his password and accidently locks himself out from Stardoll as he forgets what his new password is, gosh I feel so sorry for him ... kind of.
Sure, he could've just retrieved his password by sending himself a mail... but of course he doesn't know what e-mail account he used when signing up here, clever dude, huh? (y)

Last but not least I find a topic with the title: "AmyTheJater, your medoll looks", in Stardoll Royalty
And this is what the post said:

Thank you <3

And thank you guys for reading, don't forget to comment and follow
- Josefin

Layer clothing & look fabulous

Five very different medolls with five unique outfits, that all have one thing in common; they all layered what's in their wardrobes to create something entirely new.
These girls have all layered different garnments to acheive something that's completely unique, and I love that, they don't just just plainly put their outfits together, piece after piece, "the way it's supposed to be", but are daring enough to actually try something new and just let their creativity flow.

Just quickly glancing at their dolls, it looks like they simply just put this one amazing dress on, but looking more carefully at each outfit, you notice it's not just one dress, there are two, maybe even three, sometimes a top on top or underneath one of the dresses to give more detail and dimension.

So just go crazy with all sorts of garnments and accessories, but always stop to look at what you've created:
Is it too much? Is something missing? Should I just start over?

Make sure you are happy with the final result and don't listen to that jealous noob asking why the heck you're wearing a skirt on your head. It's haute couture, baby.







Thank you for reading, please comment and follow [:
- Josefin

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Outfit of the day - January 11 2011

90% human, 10% freak show.

Outfit of the day - January 10 2011

Didn't have time for uploading this outfit yesterday,
so I hope it's not to much of a crime doing it today.
Actually, I'm pretty happy with it, it turned out more mature
and classy than I thought it would, yet not boring :]

Outfit of the day - January 9 2011

School starts tomorrow, so why not dress up
as a teacher and hit myself in the head?

Under Construction

I'm currently coding the design, so things might look a little off for the time being.

Outfit of the day - January 4

Hopefully better than the crap
I've been producing lately.

Mant_* is back!

I just went to post something in a friend's guestbook and saw that Mant_* had visited his suite ... 5 hours ago.
It looks like she still wants to be on Stardoll, but wants to start over with a clean slate.
This is what says on her presentation:

- Josefin

Mant_*'s account has been deleted

Mant_*'s account has been deleted, to me the reason is unknown, I just saw this in a topic in Stardoll Royalty.
Most people think she deleted the account herself, which is understandable, because people on Stardoll haven't been all that nice to her, so to speak.

It's sad though, such a good designer. :/

- Jo

The Sims 3 Machinima

Yep, sure this is a Stardoll blog, but it's still owned by a Machinimator, so I thouht I I'd just share one of my music videos with you guys, haha, hope ya like it [:


- Josefin

Thank you all for visiting & commenting!

I was so amazed and happy when I saw just how many people had come to visit my blog! At first I had really no idea where they came from, but then I went to look in the "Recent came from" statistics and saw three other Stardoll blogs had linked to me, or rather used my blog as a source of information! :D That really makes me happy, because that means people must really enjoy reading what I write here.
Those three blogs are The Stardoll Insiders, Trucchi Stardoll and Stardoll Magic World!

Well all visitors weren't from there, some had apparenty found the blog through google or just seen the link on my Stardoll presentation. So I want to thank all you readers for coming here, reading and commenting!
It means so much to me and motivates me to update the blog more often [:

Thank you all, have a great 2011!

Outfit of the day - January 1

This is the 200th post but also the first post written in 2011, too bad the outfit isn't that nice though...

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Hello, dear readers, if I got any left ... I'm really sorry about not posting and finishing the design, but I turned out to be more busy this Christmas than I thought. I even have homework and tests to study for over the holiday! Yeah, so if you don't wanna lose that precious little life of yours, don't enroll International Baccalaureate.

I have mostly been struggling with getting my The Sims 3 to work on my very much hated MacBook Pro (No, I wasn't idiotic enough to buy one myself, each and every student got one for free at my school) all fall and I haven't succeeded at all, and neither did I even get Photoshop up running on this thing, so I had to try using my ancient PC, which has WINDOWS♥ but it just kept overhetating becuase the battery's completely flat and unrechargable so I have to keep that charger in 24/7 in order for the computer not to die.

So that means I haven't done much on the design.
I also had a very old Wacom Tablet, with no pressure sensitivity and that was prone to making choppy, ugly lines.
But I wished for a new one for Christmas, got a Wacom Bamboo pen and touch tablet, it's Awesome! So I'll try to finish the design as quickly as I can.

Anyways, I'll try to start posting more soon, if you guys promise to comment more [:
- Josefin

Updates on Stardoll

Looks like Stardoll felt like updating some again, and for the better this time.


The camera function is now also avaliable in your suite, awesome!
This is something I actually asked Stardoll for, though I was probably not the only one.

We also got some new Superstar Hairstyles. Looks like there are two new ones for the guys even (girls probably look great in 'em too)! I haven't tried any of them yet, but I sure will!

Instant Royalty when buying 12 months of Superstar


I at the moment, am not ashamed to say the Stardoll Staff are crazy idiots, who don't really care about creativity or that some members are more dedicated than others, they just care about money. Money, money and yeah; more money. Of course people are gonna buy this, 'cause who doesn't want to be Stardoll Royalty?

They're also claiming it's the highest member status on Stardoll, yeah ... used to be anyway. If complete noobs who just started playing on Stardoll gets to be in the VIP-club, that was really dedicated for those who truly pours their heart in to playing on Stardoll and have for a long time, what the hell has Stardoll come to?


This means pretty much anyone at this point can become Stardoll Royalty, was that the whole point of the club?
And a limit of 200 Starpoints; Give me a break! It should be at least 1000-2000 Starpoints, that's about what an average member earns during a year of playing on Stardoll.

??? "Welcome to the new & exciting home of Stardoll Royalty, where our most dedicated and loyal members are taken care of in celebrity style. This exclusive invite-only club is the official VIP-club on Stardoll and we have plenty of fame, fashion and friends in store for it’s members..." ???

Now you know why so many new people, noobs, whatever you feel like calling them are rolling into the club.
It's not a glitch, it's not a cheat; it's Stardoll trying - and succeeding in beeing killjoys.

Outfit of the day - December 19

Outfit of the day - December 18

Outfit of the day - December 17

Stardoll Royalty Club is at war

Stardoll has officially gone crazy (again) and this has started an internal war in Stardoll royalty. Original members versus 'noobs'.

New members are added every minute and some seem to have gotten in to the club because they topped up with more stardollars, others even claim they got in without purchasing anything.
Even saw someone claiming they were invited by a friend .... (?)

Now, this isn't so bad, right? It's great that everyone gets to be royalty, that everyone gets to feel special!
Yeah, see the problem? What's happening right now is going to make the blue diamond lose its glory, if all you have to do to earn it is buy stardollars or superstar. If you automatically get into Stardoll royalty when buying Superstar, then what's the freaking point of the club anyway?

The only problem is not that the diamond is losing its value, the club forums that was earlier a place where members chatted and had fun is now a hot spot for advertising and asking people to vote you covergirl. Also you see ridiculous topics where new members thank Stardoll for making them a member of the club ... hah. I mean it's an automatic system, or should I say filter that lets members with certain characteristics in to the club, but the requirements to pass this filter must've been changed.

The new members don't see a problem in the fact that pretty much anyone gets into the club, but it really upsets us original members. We've spent a lot of money and time playing on Stardoll and this was our special little hang out place where we could discuss, have fun and talk about anything we liked, without being disturbed by annoying noobs.

This club used to be a peaceful place without any drama and arguments, but those days are probably long gone now. Some of the original members have been talking about starting a private club where we can hang out without being disturbed, just like before. Which I think is a great idea.
- Jo

Messed up suite & an ugly 'collectible' dress ...

At first I thought this might just be a good update... that is until I tried it, I hate, so much. Also it messed up my suite; all the items that were created in Stardesign have moved so you have to put all that back i place. Moving interior is okay, but putting clothes on your doll and changing the outfit is a pain in the butt! It took me a half an hour to get those freaking clothes to stick properly!

And that dress is hideous according to me ... and collectible? Are you freaking kidding me? Callie.Stardoll is seriously getting on my nervs... Anyways, what do you think of the updated suite & the dress?

Winners of Winter Scenery Contest

I know the winners should have been announced two days ago, but I had too much school work to do...
Anyways, only three people participated, and I'm so glad you guys did! But still I feel a little disappointed, usually more than at least ten people participate. So next time I hold a contest, make sure to enter, if you want to always stay up to date with competitions and events; join the club; FlashyFashion!

And the winner of this contest is: Tay_Tay5523!


The pose she put together is really amazing, it must've taken a lot of hard work to make a scenery like this and i think it turned out really nice! It looks a lot like those figure skating contests you see on televishion, just this one is set outside! Congratulations, a beautiful winter gift is now waiting for you in your suite!

Second comes ....SmileyViv!


The setting is so cosy, looks just like one of those holiday postcards you send to your friends, or just a picture taken while (apparantly) my medoll is waiting for her party guests to arrive! Lovely scenery, thank you so much for participating and keep up the good work!

Last, but not least (or something) comes -Dexter!


First I want to thank you for participating, when no one else first did!
I love the atmosphere of this scenery, it tells a story even though it never really showed what happened, or at least that's what I think of ... well beautiful scenery anyways, thanks Dex, for participating, better luck next time!

Outfit of the day - December 11

Outfit of the day - December 10

Dark classy outfit accessorised with silver
chains and cute bows. The shoes dress the outfit down
a bit.

I wanna inspire you guys!

One of my favorite things to do on Stardoll is browse suites and see what others are wearing, to be inspired, to inpspire you guys and give these creative kids some publicity! :D
- Jo





Holiday Calendar - December 9

Today's gift's a pair of free tights,
I can't say, looking at them like this, that I like them,
but maybe with the right garnments and accessories,
it might just turn out pretty good (:

Outfit of the day - December 8